Saturday, 5 November 2011

Passing on your knowledge

I have long moaned that in some situations people just won't pass on to others what they know.I have spent my entire life either studying,researching or working in the industry to further my knowledge and am more than happy to pass it on.I am still learning and the internet is the perfect tool.
I don't understand some people when they won't  share and i do get it all the time in my workplace,we often ask fellow stitcher's how they did something,they look at you blank in that first instant,then ignore you and move on,yet they except an answer when they ask you something,very frustrating.
When at a very early age my daughter showed an intrest in anything craft i made sure i encouraged it,feeding her information and showing her what she wanted to know, this was quite a task as she is left handed and i am right.
She very rarely needs me to help her now making and putting things together,to the point where she was show her classmates in textiles how to make things,and the teacher also getting her to help others.
Her single bed Donna cover took out Best Exhibit
While her scarp booking pages got First, Second & Third while her cards got First,Second,Third and a participant award                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
So i think with a little encouragement all kids can achieve.

aWhile my son took this Photo and won Best Exhibit

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