Tuesday, 29 November 2011

UFO's too (no not the out of space kind)

Continuing with my theme of UFO's Mia from naptime creations has shared with me about her UFO's

"My oldest UFO is my knitting project which is my son's sweater. I started when I was 9 months pregnant and have not had any time to finish it.( oh the things we start when pregnant )Two children and painting take up all my time. I guess you can say that my children are my UFO's they are a work in progress as I raise them!
My craft is painting canvases for children's rooms.

This is my favourite as it is my daughters name and spelt correctly.

I love knitting and painting.
Yes, I will one day finish my son's sweater, but will put it in a shadow box.(love this idea)
UFOs in the states are called simply unfinished projects."

Mia's artworks can be personalized with your child's name
or one for the boys

any one for coffee and cake

Mia is also a fellow Etsykids Team member and when i asked how she found Etsy this is what she replied

"I found Etsy when I was shopping in my local craft store talking to a friend about my paintings. Another customer overheard my conversation and asked me if I ever heard of Etsy! When I came home from shopping, I set up my shop mia4art Naptime Creations!

How nice that a stranger took the time tell you about Etsy

 You can also follow Mia on her blog    http://www.aboutnaptimecreations.blogspot.com/

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