Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Crocheting4baby shares her UFO"S

For those of you just joining my blog recently l am running a series of blogs on UFO's some of you may be going oh what is she talking about UFO's they are from outer space and have no place on a craft blog.
Well these ones do , they are the ones we create and leave at the back of the cupboard in the black hole of the craft word,to find them while cleaning out the said cupboard to only put them back with a few muttered words "must finish that one day."Where  I hail from they are called UFO's.
With that said I would like to introduce Lauren from Crocheting for baby.

 "What is your oldest UFO & why"
I'm pretty sure I have a half crochet bunny laying around that I started before my daughter {who is now 2.5} was born. I wasn't so good at crocheting back then and I think I got frustrated and just threw it in my bag. I haven't seen it since...until now! Maybe I'll finish it up and finally give it to my daughter!

"Somehow  l think this is a differnet rabbit seen though as it is blue and for sale in Laurens Etsy Store"

" How many UFO’s do you have ,what are they?"
I have so many UFOs laying around! Since I have an Etsy shop and a blog I am always working on something...until my 2 year old gets up from her nap and interrupts me. That's when it gets put away and I forget about it for weeks sometimes!
"If l had one of these l think l would be napping all the time"

 "Will you ever finish them?"
I sure hope so!

" What do you create now?"
I still create the same things, basically anything crafty, but am now starting to master crocheting. Pinterest has become my new addiction and is helping me experiment with different things.
"I Love this it's  very cute shame mine are now too old to fit in it"

"How did you find Etsykids Team?"
I was browsing the teams for one I fit in with and found the EtsyKids Team. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful group!
"and like any great party you have to be invited you can apply for your invite here"

" What do you specialise in now?"
I specialize in crochet items, mainly for children.

"And such great items too"
"Thank you so much for sharing with us Lauren l had such fun browsing your store"

You can find Lauren on 
Blog Here

As always if you wish to share with us please contact me

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sandra from Over Da Crib shares her UFO's

"Welcome Sandra and thank you for sharing your UFO's "

"What is your oldest UFO "

My oldest 'Unfinished Project', hmmmm, I have a ton. Being a creative type and freelance artist (creating paintings and murals) lends itself to an assortment of frazzled dashes to the art store and as a result a pile of dreamed up projects that don't always get to the finish line.
"Although this painting is finished I'm sure if this little man had a brush he would be adding some extra strokes"

I think my oldest would be a scrapbook to honor my daughter's birth.... she's six now! It started when her baby book got completely water logged. (Sorry little girl Mommy stored it under the bathroom sink.) So I started recollecting pictures, memories, notes and decided to make it up to her by making the most beautiful and special scrap book for her... ummm, it's not even close to done, a folder of collected items but I swear it'll be done when she has a baby of her own someday!

Another UFO includes the pillow project, I saw all these awesome, bold prints on pillows and decided I could do that. I still have a bunch of fabric and some fabric glue awaiting an evening of free time. Then there's the endless amount of beads, wire and clasps for when I wanted to make Christmas presents for every female I knew.
"I'm sure they don't mind when they can have something like this"

But I think by far the best UFO project I had was the collection I had for my wedding last year....I thank my husband all the time for talking good sense into me and leaving the collection  unfinished. I had flowers ready to ship wholesale form across the country for me to arrange the morning of my wedding. And then of course there was the cake I was going to bake and decorate as I had watched nearly every episode of "Cake Boss" and that made me an expert baker,even though the most baking I had done in my life were the cakes I had baked for my daughter... I could do it! I swear I was ready to sew the bridesmaid's dresses until my now husband kindly pointed out, " You don't even own a sewing machine dear." And where are you going to find the time to arrange flowers and make a cake in the midst of sleeping and getting dressed? I guess he was right and that's why I married him.
"I'm so glad he talked you out of it because look at the wonderful arts works here!!"

So I may have never ending UFO's but I think that's ok, as long as I'm still getting my Etsy Shop art done. Most of my time is dedicated to caring for my kiddies and making paintings and editing/ updating/ networking for my shop, Over DA Crib on Etsy. I feature small scale paintings and prints at reasonable prices that are original and modern for nurseries and kid's rooms. I am a member of Etsy Kids Team which is a group of creative people on Etsy whose shops primarily focus on selling children's items. It's been a lot of fun seeing what others are doing and learning new things from them.
" I think these are my favorite"

See my Shop here : www.overDAcrib.etsy.com
See some of my personal work here: www.yessy.com/nonner

"Thanks so much for sharing with us Sandra. I have very much enjoyed reading about your UFO's and browsing through your artwork."

As always if you would like to share your UFO's with us please be in touch you can reach me Here