Thursday, 29 September 2011

Online Shopping (do you?)

Yes i am guilty of this extremley guilty but you know what i will not say i am sorry that i do.
Have you noticed how prices are creeping up and up on products that you use to make items for your chosen craft.
I am an avid knitter and in recent years crocheter and as such i have a love of some books and magazines.Last year i became a member of Rowan International which cost me about $80 Aud. For that  i get 4 newsletters which are in  a compact magazine style and 2 Rowan Magazines which are full of patterns from Rowan Designers these sell for about 10GBP.
I visited a bricks and mortar store over the weekend and they stock these books along with alot of Rowan Wool and of course alot of other brands and product too.I was just about to purchase 2 of the magazines until the lovely shop-owner said that it was $100 for both,with that i  said "Sorry i would be shot if i paid that much for them."
Now don't get me wrong it's not like i wasted her time and brought nothing,i did, some wool was on my list although only two balls for some socks,the rest was fabric for my daughter to make a quilt because you see they also have a large range of patchwork fabrics.
That night i jumped online and paid a visit to the UK Store  Engilsh Yarns here they stock many, many items the entire Rowan range to be exact.
So THREE  magazines later,postage costs and the exchange rate taken into account i spend $90Aud and maybe have to wait 3 weeks for them to arrive.
The next day i receive an email that my postage costs were even less because of the packaging used,what more can you ask for.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Kenco says knitters are on the rise!

 Found this article while catching up on one of my favourtie mags from the UK.
We are about 3mths behind in Australia so i like to know what is coming.I thought you might like to see that we may just take over the world yet.

Kenco says knitters are on the rise!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My very first post

Welcome to my very first post.
I hope to be able to contniue my love of nearly all things craft and share with you along the way.
My one pet hate is that no one takes (or seems to) the time to pass their skills on to others.
so if along the way if you any questions please ask and i shall try to help if i can.
I have had a long affair with knitting nearly all my life and in later years crochet,i also am a dressmaker by trade and like to partake in some paper craft  too.
Enough for now as i really want to get my blog looking just right (for me anyway) it's the first time i have created one of these too,so if anybody has any helpful hints please feel free to pass them on.