Wednesday, 23 November 2011

UFO's- no not the out of space Kind!

I thought it would be kind of fun to ask people about their UFO's and so i posted this on Etsykids Blog and waited for someone to contact me.
I gave it a few days and someone did, only to ask me what a UFO was and was i writing about little green men. "LOL really loud" because i did, i did not even give a thought to what other countries called "Unfinished Objects"(UFO's) of the Craft / Art world. But that is what we call them here in Australia, we even have a dedicated group who advertise in our local paper for people to join their UFO group.
So now that you have all finished laughing, let's hear from  my very first "Little Green Person" (have to be PC)  Nicollete from lillollipops Designs .

 But before we start this is the response from Nicollete
"I actually have never heard of UFOs except the ones people claim to see in the sky with aliens. lol However, I think that is a great word for unfinished things. I will start to use that!"
"Glad to be of help and add to your vocab"

"So you what to know what my oldest unfinished piece is right? like something I started but never finished??"

"Yes and any others??"

-hmmm my oldest UFO (Unfinisihed object) ,,, I have quite a few because usually I will cut out my fabric pieces and put them in bags ready to sew. I would say my oldest is some pieces I had cut up to make a Halloween swing skirt, but the funny thing is, it was cut and ready to be sewn three halloweens ago! lol
Love the fabric, maybe next Halloween

"-Like I said, I have quite a few because I cut them up and they are ready to be sewn. I would say I have approx. 10.
-Of course I always "plan" to finish my UFO's. Will it happen....I hope so. In fact, thinking about them makes me want to finish one I have that is going to be a Kimono inspired Dress. When I stop to think about it, I am guilty of semi finishing products enough to picture them and list them in my shop on Etsy. Find lillollipops on Etsy here When a person buys it, I go back and double check seams and serge the edges before I send them out. Oh boy! If I think about all those...I have MANY UFOs! lol

A wall Hanging i Made but

I can't work out how to cut down the screw on the back so it is now a UFO

 "Maybe someone could help with this"
and one last thing as we are both members of the Etsykids Team , how did you find them? I have been a member for a while. I think once I realized what teams were, I searched the word "kids"
and "children". Out all of those kinds of teams, Etsy Kids seem to have the most members and lots of things like their Ning ring and Webpage and their involvement with Handmade Child Magazine. I am glad I found them, they have been great!:)You can also find Etsykids Team on Facebook

Thank you Nicollete i really hope you do get to finish your UFO's
Here's all the links for lillollipops Designs
 If you would like to share about you UFO's please be in touch.


  1. I have a UFO box at home, haha, which is a bit depressing because it's always full. And I have a seperate list of things I haven't even STARTED yet, haha!

  2. Try and think of it as never running out of things to do Laura so that it is not depressing.
    My excuse for adding to my UFO's when my husband comments is
    "but darling i might not be able to afford to by them when i retire"
    It usually works..


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