Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Crocodile Stitch

For a while now l have being coming across a new crocheting stitch referred to as the "Crocodile Stitch" the first place l saw it was on Craftsy in the pattern section. I tried to find patterns on different sites and on you tube but they were confusing.
The link l want to share with you today has what l consider to be the most easily explained tutorial l've seen.
So please follow the link below and have a look, l would appreciate you popping back to let me know what you think
Crocodile Stitch
Cheers Marie

Friday, 27 July 2012

Stay in the News

Hi all
Well it has taken a little longer than l first thought it would but l now have my newsletter sign-up up and running.
 With all the changes on Facebook and other social media l am finding l longer have the rapport with some of my customers,so l hope to do it this way.
In the newsletter will be lots of different offers only for subscribers after all you are my returning customers so you deserve a little more.
I am currently working on some new ideas and would like to be able to release them soon via a newsletter so please take the time to follow the link below and feel free to tell your friends too.
Cheers Marie

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Home made Sausage Rolls

Well here it is the recipe that caused a frenzy on my FB page, maybe because it was around lunchtime when l posted the photo and everyone was hungry ( l know l was) or the yummy looking photo, but for me it was the smell pure and simple and if you could smell through the computer screen l would off had you all at my door.
So batten down the hatches and start baking these.

This recipe makes about 6-7 dozen so make sure you have a few spare hours.
They can be frozen for up to 6mths but good luck getting them to last that long.

Before you start: l am not a master-chef nor claim to be one this is a recipe that my family and l have used for years as such measurements and methods are a guide only.

You will need:
About 8 sheets of Puff  Pastry- I use Pampas Brand as l found this to be the nicest ( l have used home brands but the kids don't like them as much)

Lay out the sheets of pastry to thaw before making the sausage mixture.

2kg Sausage Mince- I buy mine from the butcher because it's nicer than supermarket.
2 med- large onions chopped finly
2 med- large carrots - grated
2 cloves garlic minced - I started adding this to help ward of the winter colds & flu
about 1/2 bunch fresh parsley - you can add dry just use what you think
3 eggs -2 to mix in mixture and 1 to glaze sausage rolls before baking
Salt & Pepper to taste.

Mix all this into a bowl- this kids love doing this bit as they can get their hands in something gooey.

I cut my pastry sheets in half and in the middle of this l make a sausage using the mixture, l then roll it together and cut it evenly into 5 pieces.

Place these onto a lightly greased oven tray (and if your like me this is where you remember to turn on the oven about 180 degree's will do)
Pick holes in tops using a fork, glaze with beaten egg and place in oven to cook until a lovely golden brown.

You can serve with any number of sauce's if you want our favorite is tomato.

If you have any left let cool and place in freezer bags and freeze
Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

So You've liked a Facebook Page..

What do you do next?
Just follow my FB Dumb Bunny guide, thats in plain English for those non-techno speaking people like me.

Well as I have discovered if you tick the "Show in news feed" as everyone advises you too, it does just that, in your personal "News feed" and let me tell you, your friends soon get sick of seeing all the pages you like and their status updates.
 This is what I now do when I "Like" a page and before I go any further this is all done using my "Personal Profile"

From the "Drop Down List" on the right of the page you can see I have created a list called "My Pages"so for those of you who just want to get all your pages onto one list to start with, this is how I did it.

Return to your PP home page from the left hand side "click" your newly created list

Now on the left "Click" Manage List

From the "Drop Down" you can see where you can "Edit your List", Click here

Make sure you click on the Pages from the drop down when this screen appears, this will have any page you have ever "Liked." You can see that  by clicking on the icon you can easily add pages to you list, I did this for everyone so they were all there to start from again.

Here you can see all your pages... I have over 900
Over 900 pages I can hear the comments now "How do you keep up with that?"
Don't worry I said it too, time to make more lists according to what the pages are.

Return to your  PP home page and on the right where your page name is listed ie:madwestdesigns click here so you go to your BP. Now scroll down until you reach where your Page likes are listed.

By Hovering over the "Like Icon" you can now put all your pages into lists according to what they are.If  you wish to make a new list just Click "+New list" and follow the prompts "easy peasy"

The only downside to this that I can find is all those pages that you converse with using your BP may not know you as your PP.
The upside is far greater in that I will no longer have an out of date page news feed and miss out on what all my pages are doing and I also won't be annoying my Friends or Family on my Personal News Feed
Hope this helps
Cheers Marie