Tuesday, 3 July 2012

So You've liked a Facebook Page..

What do you do next?
Just follow my FB Dumb Bunny guide, thats in plain English for those non-techno speaking people like me.

Well as I have discovered if you tick the "Show in news feed" as everyone advises you too, it does just that, in your personal "News feed" and let me tell you, your friends soon get sick of seeing all the pages you like and their status updates.
 This is what I now do when I "Like" a page and before I go any further this is all done using my "Personal Profile"

From the "Drop Down List" on the right of the page you can see I have created a list called "My Pages"so for those of you who just want to get all your pages onto one list to start with, this is how I did it.

Return to your PP home page from the left hand side "click" your newly created list

Now on the left "Click" Manage List

From the "Drop Down" you can see where you can "Edit your List", Click here

Make sure you click on the Pages from the drop down when this screen appears, this will have any page you have ever "Liked." You can see that  by clicking on the icon you can easily add pages to you list, I did this for everyone so they were all there to start from again.

Here you can see all your pages... I have over 900
Over 900 pages I can hear the comments now "How do you keep up with that?"
Don't worry I said it too, time to make more lists according to what the pages are.

Return to your  PP home page and on the right where your page name is listed ie:madwestdesigns click here so you go to your BP. Now scroll down until you reach where your Page likes are listed.

By Hovering over the "Like Icon" you can now put all your pages into lists according to what they are.If  you wish to make a new list just Click "+New list" and follow the prompts "easy peasy"

The only downside to this that I can find is all those pages that you converse with using your BP may not know you as your PP.
The upside is far greater in that I will no longer have an out of date page news feed and miss out on what all my pages are doing and I also won't be annoying my Friends or Family on my Personal News Feed
Hope this helps
Cheers Marie


  1. Awesome! I had no idea you could do this. Thanks!

    1. You are very welcome,you can still like pages as your BP too not sure that it does anything though.

  2. Thanks for this guide, I'll be trying it later today. I find facebook very frustrating. Once I "get" something, they seem to change it :-)

  3. Thank You Marie the same thing happens to me so l wonder how long this will work for.


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