Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Why did you buy me that?

Now come on l'm sure you have all uttered those words on your birthday , Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas any celerbration where someone gives you a gift.

 I have had my fair share and i think Mothers Day presents take the cake, I'm not talking about the ones that are made by your children at Kinder or School or the ones they buy at the Mothers Days stall. The kids don't know that  most of the time it is someone else's unwanted gift.
Mothers Day stalls are the perfect cupboard clean out, just be careful never to clean out what your children have given you. (Boy do they have a memory for what they buy you from School.)

This year my husband and son thought they were buying me the perfect gift, a book, i LOVE books but instead of buying me a novel or a knitting / crochet book what did they buy, a cookbook and wait for it, not a cookbook for humans but a cookbook for dogs, yes you heard right DOGS!

Buy your copy here.

After i gave them the blank look and raised eyebrows their reply was " Well you spoil Jack ( our Dog) and treat him like a kid so we thought you would like it"


It sat in the recipe book stand for sometime and i would have a giggle when i walked past and then it got the better of me.
"IF" i was taking note of what i was feeding the kids as far as all the additives and preservatives then  "WHY" was i feeding Jack canned food ?

I shall share a little more next time on what Jack thinks.

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