Thursday, 25 October 2012

What Jack Thinks

 Remeber in my last post l told you about the Dud Mothers day present l was given
Why did you by me that

 Well here's the follow up i promised.
 It's hard to tell what Jack is thinking but i think its along the lines of
"Why did l have to eat all that canned muck, this is so much nicer."

I swear he knows when l'm cooking he's food, he sits or lies on the floor near the bench and watches.

Do you feel someone watching You?

I cook sereval differnet things from the book, there are differnet chapters for differnet things,
Dog Parties, The Vegetarian Dog, Training Treats, Super Dog Foods, and a list of can have's and don't ever have.

The one l cooked today was Chicken "n" Veg and l must say it is one of his favorites or at least l think it is as he flies out the door when he knows it's in his bowl.

Looks Pretty Healthy doesn't it ?

 In the book it is made as meatballs which was great for something different BUT Jack is a little dog and didn't eat them in the 2-3 days it recommends so i cook it in a loaf tin ( remember to grease it or it doesn't come out) and......
    slice it when it's cooled                                                         wrap in individual serve's and freeze.

By doing this with what l cook he gets variety as l can pull out different food to defrost.
 So along with the Beef Hotpot ( cooked in the slow cooker) Mince and Liver, Tuna & Veg he also gets Sardines & Tuna 2-3 times a week as it's a great source of omgea 3 but l just like that he's coat is so soft and shiny. Plus his most favorite food of all "Chicken" this is kept from the family Roast, I shred any leftovers and place in individual serves and freeze this also.
This became his favorite when we had to smuggle antibiotics into him when he kept getting poisoned by the cat next door. Cats can be fatal to dogs when they attack as we found out not once but three times.

 You might well ask the question or be thinking It's so much easier to feed them canned stuff, well yes it is but most of it is water and goes sraight through and out the other end.
Jack is now a healthy weight and l think a much happier dog.
It costs no more to feed him in fact it's cheaper because l am using everything we buy in our weekly shop anyway.

Spoiled or not he still sleeps outside until the boys go to work in the morning at which time he comes and curls up on the bed with me.

Oh and one more thing l secretively think the boys knew what they were doing when they brought me the book but l'm not going to tell them.

Here's the link again if you want to buy your own copy Doggylicious-Cookbook for your Dog

Cheers Marie
P.S I would love to hear what your dogs favorite is.

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