Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Milena and her UFO's

 When I first visited  "Milipa", Milena's Esty store I was stunned, I sat staring at the computer screen with my mouth forming the word "WOW". Milena's dolls and other plush toys are amazing.
My personal favorite is Vincent.

It is hard to believe that Milena would have any UFO's to share with us but she has, so today l would like to introduce to Milena.

"What is your oldest UFO & why ?"

When you are 24 years old and just graduated with a degree in art history you have many projects in your head. At first I did not think that I’ll be doing toys for children. I wanted to be an illustrator. And this is my great unfinished project till now. I think I’ve always wanted to do too much things, more than I could actually done. The lack of time was the biggest problem for me. But in this case was a little bit different. My unfinished project involved in something new.

When my son Giacomo was born I started to make drawings for him. And because his favorite subject was always animals I designed every animal he wanted to see, with its own particular character, inventing all story behind every pet. From this drawings it came to my mind project to do illustrations for children books and maybe in some day to publish my own book with my little boys animal friends. But one day I thought I could do more than just drawings. I decided to give a try and asked my mother in law to teach me sewing :) I wanted to create my own toys for Giacomo. So I've started to make puppets for my son and from that time it's became my passion. This is how was born Milipa.
"I would love to know the story's behind these"

I know that without my unfinished project (to be an illustrator) the idea to start making handmade toys wouldn’t come to me. So for now it has no matter if I will finish it someday or not. I don’t feel pressure of it. I deeply believe in chain of interactions, that one thing can lead you to another. In this case our unfinished projects are only subjects to irreversible mutations that guide us to new ideas. And that I think is very positive.

"What do you create now?"

Running milipa shop is both fun and creative challenge for me. I have many ideas which are coming constantly to my head. It starts usually with a color. That’s how I work. Origins of all my projects comes from fabrics. Sometimes I need only to give a look on some particular textile, its color or pattern and suddenly I have all project finished in my head. It needs only to be transformed in real object. The colors were always very important for me. During my study in art school in Poznan I’ve learned how to “work” – if I can put it that way – with colors. I discovered how they can interact with each other creating from it new impressions. Then at University studying history of art I was constantly “surrounded” by methodological aspects of the interaction of colors. I realized how powerful tool they can be and how important thing is to understand that and use it wisely. This was the most important lesson which helped me to find my own style, consequently becoming also an input in starting my own little business.
"Some more of Milena's work"

"How did you find Etsykids Team?"

I discovered Etsy by accident, searching a place where I could show my works to others. And when I saw that in this big “world” of Etsy there are also people ( I’m talking now about Etsykids Team) who are creating things for children as I do, I couldn’t do nothing more than join them. I really wanted to be a part of this group and I’m really honored to be accepted among all this talented persons.

"What do you specialize in now?"

Now I’m specializing in animal plush toys and rag dolls. And even if I know that I’m not a master in crafting (almost a year ago I did not even know how to use a sewing machine:) I’m doing my job in the best way I can putting into it all myself. I feel really fortunate because beyond that I’m a mom and I have wonderful family I do also a job which is giving me a great satisfaction, job where I can be my own boss and where I can develop my creativity remaining in the same time independent.

"There's also clothing for Milena's Rag Doll's"   

Thanks for your time and for sharing with us Milena l hope to see many more of your creations.
You can find Milipa on Etsy
and on Facebook

As always if you would like to share your UFO's with us please be in touch 

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