Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Crocheting4baby shares her UFO"S

For those of you just joining my blog recently l am running a series of blogs on UFO's some of you may be going oh what is she talking about UFO's they are from outer space and have no place on a craft blog.
Well these ones do , they are the ones we create and leave at the back of the cupboard in the black hole of the craft word,to find them while cleaning out the said cupboard to only put them back with a few muttered words "must finish that one day."Where  I hail from they are called UFO's.
With that said I would like to introduce Lauren from Crocheting for baby.

 "What is your oldest UFO & why"
I'm pretty sure I have a half crochet bunny laying around that I started before my daughter {who is now 2.5} was born. I wasn't so good at crocheting back then and I think I got frustrated and just threw it in my bag. I haven't seen it since...until now! Maybe I'll finish it up and finally give it to my daughter!

"Somehow  l think this is a differnet rabbit seen though as it is blue and for sale in Laurens Etsy Store"

" How many UFO’s do you have ,what are they?"
I have so many UFOs laying around! Since I have an Etsy shop and a blog I am always working on something...until my 2 year old gets up from her nap and interrupts me. That's when it gets put away and I forget about it for weeks sometimes!
"If l had one of these l think l would be napping all the time"

 "Will you ever finish them?"
I sure hope so!

" What do you create now?"
I still create the same things, basically anything crafty, but am now starting to master crocheting. Pinterest has become my new addiction and is helping me experiment with different things.
"I Love this it's  very cute shame mine are now too old to fit in it"

"How did you find Etsykids Team?"
I was browsing the teams for one I fit in with and found the EtsyKids Team. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful group!
"and like any great party you have to be invited you can apply for your invite here"

" What do you specialise in now?"
I specialize in crochet items, mainly for children.

"And such great items too"
"Thank you so much for sharing with us Lauren l had such fun browsing your store"

You can find Lauren on 
Blog Here

As always if you wish to share with us please contact me

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