Thursday, 19 April 2012

Karen from Rising Star shares her UFO's

Today l  would like you to meet Karen from Rising Star Art.

Karen tells us about a few of her UFO's and the story behind them.

I have the luxury of being a full time artist due the love and support of my husband which is truly wonderful.
As a truly creative person l like to explore different ideas,medium and projects.
In my painting l have gone through many incarnations and before my cow paintings become so popular, l painted a lot of what l call my "people on the couch"series-oil paintings of people taken from their can id photos on the couch. I have being known to create some fantasy paintings of myself on the couch with famous people and also some famous people with each other.
"So what is my oldest UFO"
I guess my oldest one would be a painting that l began about 4 years featuring Lisa Marie Presley on Oprah Winfrey's couch during an interview. Lisa Marie struck ma as such a sad person who missed her father terribly and it gave me the idea for a painting with Elvis standing behind the couch watching her on Oprah.I was going to title it "Daddy's Here." I still do these painting by commission,but l haven't finished this one or painted one for myself in a long time.

 My next most prominent UFO would be the coloring book that l started about 1 1/2 years ago.l have completed transforming 6 of my cow paintings into coloring book form but still need maybe 4 more and a cover. Then l have to spend more time researching the best way to print and bind it.

"I think these are going to make a pretty awesome coloring book "

Two more things on my to-do list are painting of my daughter since she's gone and left me for collage and a coloring book version of my children's book "Millicent and the Faraway Moon"

"Karen tells me she has copies of this to sell so please be in touch with her."

I haven't completely forsaken these projects. I just find it hard to find time.I spend a lot of time marketing my existing work on the web and at art shows and l am also quite enamored with making pottery which takes a good bit of time.Add to that taking care of the aforementioned husband, a house,a daughter,3 cats ....and there just doesn't seem time to be enough hours in the day.