Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kristina from KPB Designs - tells us bout her UFO'S

Hello Kristina
Please tell us more about you and your UFO's

What do you specialize in?
I specialize in making clothing items for Little boys. The market is flooded with girly stuff and  i wanted to  offer something for boys. I make Neckties, Diaper covers, Bow Ties, Suspenders, Birthday Cake smash outfits. Along with Custom orders from weddings, birthday and every day requests.

The Neckties look great on .

What is your oldest UFO and why?
My oldest UFO is a cross stitching Quilt that I started to work on 20 years ago,although I would try my hand at a new skill. this was not my favorite thing. This is one project that will not see the light of day.. My daughter has found this project and has created a new project with it. So I guess you can say it got a UFO make over.
How great that your daughter can see something in an unfinished project

This photo is so cute i just loving the matching set

How many UFO's do you have,what are they?
I can think of 6 UFO's but I probably have a few more. My 3 kids baby books the youngest who is 3 is only a box of photos. I know they would love for me to finish them. Just not so much fun doing them. Another project is a pair of shorts for my husband and  2 ceramics I need to finish painting.
Opps you just reminded me that i also still have my daughters baby book to finish
Way too cute

Do you think you will ever finish them?
I will finish them, when I find the interest in them again. About 3 weeks ago i had 4 more projects and i got those finished. My Oldest was excited because they had only been in the works for 5 months.
I need you to show me how to tie my Kids School Ties

How did you find the Etsykids Team?

I found the Etsykids Team while looking through the different Teams that were created on Etsy. I have only been a member for a few months and have enjoyed being part of the community.


You can find KBP Designs in these places
Twitter kbpdesigns 

I hope you have enjoyed finding out a little more about Kristina and KBP designs.
If you like to participate my series on UFO's please be in touch. 


  1. Oooh lovely!!! It is so hard to find or think of boys handcrafted items. Love to see people who are making it happen.

    1. I know and these are so cute, i too am guilty of doing more for girls than boys although i do have some and will slowly add more


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