Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What Pinterest's you?

What is she talking about, surely that's a typo well no it's not.Pinterest is a new site that is just what the name suggests,a pin board where you pin what interest's you.If your like me and on the net surfing for product or just browsing for whatever takes your fancy you probably have hundreds of bookmarks but can't remember why or you have your favorite ones you buy from and use their wishlist if they have that on their site.How many wishlists on how many pages do you have 10,20,100's well i have lost count of mine and can't remember probably more than half of what i have created as well.
With Pinterest you create pin-boards on what your interests are,craft, food, books, unique, geekie whatever you like,Pin it to your boards in the category you create,it is linked backed to the page or site you pinned it from and is available for others to see and repin to their boards.
I have being busy transferring and finding new items to pin to my boards so that i can find everything in the one place.
The downfall  for Pinterest at the moment is that because it is so new you have to be invited to join or go on the waiting lists.
Laura from     Spotty Owl Design was kind enough to invite me to join and i would like to invite you,if you would like to take me up on that offer please email me madwestdesigns@gmail.com and i shall send you an invite.
Please note: Pinterest may not be for everyone your pinboards are open for everyone to see and search.

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