Monday, 3 October 2011

View Point Handmade Gallery - Blog: Stockist Spotlight - Madwestdesigns

I am currently one of the lucky stockists at View Point Handmade Gallery in my home town of Bendigo.This is a huge thrill for me to see my items in a "Real Store".
Jess from Viewpoint will be creating an artists Mecca over the next few months,with an upstairs Gallery,Cafe and stage in the back for musicians to play.
Hope you take the time to read about all the other very talented artists that Jess has put in the spotlight and a little more about Viewpoint as well

View Point Handmade Gallery - Blog: Stockist Spotlight - Madwestdesigns: Who are you? Madwestdesigns What do you make? Just about anything that takes my fancy. Currently i am mostly knitting or crochet...


  1. That was a fascinating interview.

    I learned to knit at 4 too but I've never really moved on from 'scarves' haha! I don't think I could ever knit an Aran jumper, let alone at just eight years of age. Holy smoke! I guess when you have a talent, you're born with it. Lucky you had your dad to help teach you so your talen didn't go undiscovered!

    How long will your items be on display?

  2. Hi Laura
    I hope my items are at ViewPoint for as long as Jess will have me as a stockist.
    Someone once said to me that everybody has a talent for something you just need to find what it is.I guess i found mine and scarves are excellent for trying out new patterns.:)


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