Thursday, 16 February 2012

Magazine Subscriptions- are they worth it?

Well the magazine company's say it is, i think it depends on the magazine you subscribe to.
My son subscribes to the Top Gear magazine a birthday present from his father and i.
I don't think we will renew it though as he misses out on all the extras that sometimes come with the magazines.
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Simply Knitting is one magazine i buy each month and although i do get annoyed that we are 3mths behind the UK(especially when you know you can get things here in two weeks) i haven't yet subscribed to it because you don't get the "Free Gift" on the cover however you do get a subscription gift.
I also buy several others mostly UK magazines they just seem so much better then the Australian ones you get.My newsagent loves me and puts them all aside for me as most only get limited numbers of the overseas magazines.

Last night my Husband came home with a parcel from work ( i have everything sent there so no can can pinch it from my letterbox.) I had no idea what it was as i hadn't ordered anything.It was postmarked "Royal Mail"
so it was from the UK very intriguing but i had to get my daughter to boot camp so it had to wait.
Upon arriving home i got to open my parcel and inside was a skein of the most beautiful wool in a absolutely
gorgeous  shade of blue
Kidsilk Creation is a limited edition yarn.  A net, tubular construction made from the best selling yarn Kidsilk Haze which is 70% super kid silk Mohair and 30% silk.
The colours have been selected from the favourite shades of Kidsilk Haze cream, dewberry, trance, candy girl, jelly and smoke. It looks and feels so much better in real life.

I had completely forgotten about the free gift when you subscribe to the magazine, this is one i do subscribe too as they are not available at your newsagent and not all wool stockists have them either and i don't have one where i live anyway.
They are the most beautiful magazines and to subscribe it costs about 80GBP which converted to about $66 Australian dollars so for this i get 2 magazines a year, 4 newsletters which are mini mags just for members with news and free patterns and my free gift , worth it when i have seen the magazine for $49:95 here, just for one.
The quality of the magazine is top of the range, wonderful photography shoots show the garments of beautifully and the paper quality is outstanding, lovely and thick they are made to last as long as you look after them of course.
I really love these magazines and think they are worth every cent.

My husband and kids shake their heads when i bring home my next batch of magazines but i just say it's research. 
I guess you have to weigh up whats right for you, value for money and weather they are available where you live.

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