Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Time last minute present

It's nearly Christmas at least that's what the calender says.

I'm ready for it the presents are brought the kids have decorated the tree and the house and i was just congratulating myself on being so organised when i received a facebook message from my niece.

It was along the lines of
 "Hi i was hoping you could make something for my cousins baby it's her first Christmas,maybe something with her name on it and something she could keep."

"Well yes, no problems but i hope it's something i can get finished in time,what do you have in mind ":

" I don't know"

"Okay then you had better come over and we will sort it out "

A Santa Sack with her name on it was decided as it meet all the cirtreia

So one shopping trip later we had the fabric needed and some extra just in case, was ready to start.  A few hours later "hey presto" one Santa Sack complete with the inside lined so as not to see any seams and her name hand stitched on.
The Finished Santa Sack.

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